NSPC Inc.: EcoSense
NSPC has been given the remarkable privilege of operating in and looking after some of the last bastions of wild frontier land, a responsibility we take very seriously. As such, it is vital that we strike a balance between enjoying the surrounding ecosystems and preserving their natural beauty for generations to come. In order to protect these pieces of our natural and cultural history, we practice our innovative EcoSense program in every aspect of our operations. This program includes:
Business Practices
Using recycled, recyclable, reusable, or compostable materials in all areas of our operation, including consumer-based products, back of house products, and construction materials
Relying on electronic advertising and office communications in order to save paper
Enacting practices that reduce light, noise, and smell pollution in addition to water and ground pollution
Monitoring and finding ways to reduce our gasoline, water, and electricity consumption
Using only suppliers that ship in reusable containers and showing preference to local suppliers and artisans
Selling merchandise in minimal or recyclable packaging
Purchasing as many goods as possible locally, which also stimulates the local economy
Encouraging the use of our recycling receptacles
These tactics help us minimize our impact on the springs and divert over 90% of our waste from landfills.
Visitor Education
Our efforts to preserve natural treasures are most effective when we have the help of the entire community, so we also make extensive efforts to educate our visitors on our efforts and what they can do to help. This includes:
Providing 3-step receptacles for compost, recycling, and waste with easy-to-read signage on their use
Providing interpretive materials on our merchandise tags to identify sustainable, recycled, recyclable, and/or local goods and the merchandise's significance to the area
Providing signage educating visitors of their potential impact on surrounding wildlife and delicate ecosystems, including the consequences of feeding wildlife and straying from marked trails